Is there any alternative to cheap medical insurance?

Many people today have problems finding cheap or affordable medical insurance. A number of 45 million people in the US can't benefit from health insurance. That's mainly because the medical insurance premiums are rising by roughly 10% per year. Health insurance usually implies limitations, paperwork and exclusions. Discount cards represent a good alternative to affordable healthcare insurance. These cards allow consumers to gain immediate access and affordable care. These plans usually coe with chiropractic, prescription, vision and dental benefits.

The services vary from one benefit company to another. Some packages for example include: ancillary care (hearing, scans, labs etc), specialists, doctors, vision, dental, chiropractic, prescription and hospitalization.

Self-insuring is anoter way you can avoid high insurance costs. This form of insurance allows you to keep your premiums down, reduce current insurance costs etc. Self insurance is usually used by small businesses for health insurance. These plans are designed to reflect such needs as dental and medical care, prescriptions etc.

These plans can save you money and it's best to keep the money working for you. Make sure you invest your money in mutual funds or/and money market accounts and not in self-insurance funds. Take the time to fully understand this plan before you consider undertaking it.