Health insurance for already sick persons

At least in the United States being sick without having any type of health insurance is without doubt one of the worst things that can happen to you. Finding yourself in this situation means that it is too late for you to get health insurance. However, we have to inform you that there are still some workarounds that you can try in order to solve your situation and we are going to have a look over some of them in the following lines.

The first method you could try is the one that involves minimum effort and has the best success rate: make sure your spouse obtains a job that offers him or her a group health plan. As we said before, in most cases this works perfectly and you don't do anything illegal, so in our opinion it is definitely worth trying.

You might say that it would be simpler for you to get employed and be covered by a group medical insurance plan. While you might have a chance of obtaining this, we guarantee that it certainly won't be easy and you will need a bit of luck for being accepted.

The last option definitely is not dedicated for the ones looking for a low cost method of getting insured while they are sick. It involves starting a new business and buying a group medical insurance plan for all the employers of your business, including yourself. This of course isn't a very simple solution, but it exists and we thought that you should be aware of it.